Brand New 'Expendables 2' Poster Is An Action Fan's Dream

Brand New ‘Expendables 2’ Poster Is An Action Fan’s Dream

Action Stars? Check. Explosions? Check. More Action Stars? Check. Foreground Flames for no reason? Check. Still more Action Stars? Check, check, check.

Yep, the new Expendables 2 poster hits on just about every note you could possibly expect in an action movie poster. It exudes masculine, muscle-bound machismo more so than any poster for an actual feature film I can recall. Which is exactly the right tone they should be setting in their marketing.

Looking at this poster reminds me of a thought that crossed my mind while watching The Avengers. Projects like these ought not to exist, when we were growing up the concept of an all out action franchise staring just about every icon of the genre was a pipe dream. Now it is a reality.

People still want to worry about the rating, but with the way the MPAA has softened their stance on violence in the last decade I am sure the ‘spolsions and shootin’ wont be too neutered. It is also key to remember Stallone shot the first Expendables to be PG-13 as well, most of the R-rated content was the result of re-shoots.

Take a look at the full poster after the jump, and be prepared to be blown away by pure awesomeness August 17th.

My favorite part of this poster is Dolph Lundgren with a knife bigger than his face… perfect!