Dev. Diary: 'Amazing Spider-Man' Shows off New York in Free Roam

Dev. Diary: ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ Shows off New York in Free Roam

After a two game hiatus since Beenox took control of the Spider-Man franchise, the webcrawler is returning to New York City with the tie-in release of The Amazing Spider-Man. It’s what fans of the series have wanted. As much as a linear experience has helped with the storytelling of the previous two Beenox games, it prevented them from capturing the true feel of the best games of the character’s past. Swinging through an epic metropolis at breakneck speeds is what being Spider-Man is all about.

In the developer diary after the jump, The Amazing-Spider-Man’s executive producer Brent Nicholas walks us through some gameplay footage that shows just how exciting Beenox’s take on swinging through the city is. One thing they point out is how the camera draws in closer to Spidey during his swings and drops as a way to show how fast the player is falling. Hopefully this won’t affect the ease of swinging through because of the limited view.

This trailer also gives more perspective on the Web Rush.  Using the web rush ability, players are able to more accurately travel through NYC by deciding where their lines will actually be shot instead of just depending on the game to choose for them.

This is also one of the first times we have gotten to check out combat. While the car chase combat revolves more around a QTE’s, the on ground close combat scenario was one of the more visually impressive fight scenes seen in super hero gaming. Instead of just a flurry of punches and kicks, combat looked like it flowed more naturally between striking and throwing enemies around.

Take a look at the full Dev. Diary below for The Amazing Spider-Man and keep a close eye on the Flickcast for a full review of the game after it comes out on June 26th for all major gaming platforms.