First 'Taken 2' Poster Sheds A Little Light On The Sequel's Plot

First ‘Taken 2’ Poster Sheds A Little Light On The Sequel’s Plot

Taken is one of those films that just works in every way. From concept, to casting, all the way to the score and even the title, it just all works so very well. Good movies do not go unsequelized in this day and age so of course Taken 2 is coming, and the first UK poster has just hit the web.

The first film revolved around Liam Neeson’s character going after his kidnapped daughter, there was some concern that the sequel might just be some sort of re-hash on the original concept. Based on the poster’s tagline we might be seeing a far more interesting take on the idea:

First they took his daughter. Now they’re coming for him.

It would have been really easy, and lazy, for the writers to have the baddies from the first film exact their revenge by taking more members of Neeson’s family. It makes much more sense to see those baddies go directly after Neeson himself.

As the film is called Taken 2, I’m sure there will be some layer of kidnapping somewhere in the story, but if the focus is less on Neeson using his skills to retrieve another loved one and more on him being the target we could be a in for a quality action sequel on the way.

Take a look at the full UK poster after the jump.