Stan Lee Swings Into Action in 'The Amazing Spider-Man' Gameplay Trailer

Stan Lee Swings Into Action in ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ Gameplay Trailer

I know. I’m sorry. I had to. Usually puns are the worst but with Stan Lee involved, I feel like there is a little leeway. And don’t judge too much. After watching this trailer, you’ll be making spider puns all the way to your preorder for The Amazing Spider-Man too.

As we all know, the film with possibly the most pressure on it this summer because it falls between The Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises is The Amazing Spider-Man. Luckily for Spidey though, there is nowhere nearly as much pressure on the movie tie-in game. Why?

Because Beenox has produced two high quality Spider-Man games over the last two years and they are going back to the formula that revolutionized super hero gameplay by bringing Spidey back to an open New York City. But Spidey isn’t coming by himself.

When pre-orders began for The Amazing Spider-Man, fans of Spider-Man and comics in general were granted an experience like they had never been given the opportunity to before… to play as Stan “The Man” Lee. And luckily, Stan has gotten a drastic upgrade to his physical capabilities.

Stan will play just like Spider-Man does including all the webslinging, wall climbing and up close and personal combat you would expect from a man 89 years old. Check out the full trailer below of Stan in action in The Amazing Spider-Man as he zips through the city looking for pages to a script that somehow blew out his window.

Also check out two other unlockable skins, the Spider-Man 3 Black Suit and the Cross-Species suit which may be a preview of a pseudo transformation that Peter undergoes during the film.