Dev. Diary: Behind the Scenes with Bruce Campbell on 'The Amazing Spider-Man'

Dev. Diary: Behind the Scenes with Bruce Campbell on ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’

A man who’s shown his love for both the geek world and Spider-Man is Bruce Campbell. From cameos during the Sam Raimi trilogy to his narrative roles on previous Spider-Man video games, Bruce is probably the second most logical choice for a voice actor to appear in The Amazing Spider-Man game other than Stan Lee himself.

In the Amazing Spider-Man, Bruce voices the Extreme Reporter. The Extreme Reporter serves two roles in the game. First, it gives Spider-Man a friendly antagonist. Unlike Rhino, Puma or Iguana, the Extreme Reporter isn’t looking to killer the friendly wall crawler. He is however looking to capitalize on the newfound fame of the rookie hero.

Secondly, the Extreme Report gives a somewhat logical reason for the existence of the game’s various challenges. While most events in games are story driven, various super hero games have random and often unexplained time trials, races or various other “gamey” occurrences that players just accept. Now, there is a reason behind these random challenges as well as someone players they feel they can gloat to when they defeat them.

Check out the full behind the scenes interview with Bruce Campbell as he talks about the Extreme Reporter, Spider-Man and Stan Lee. The Amazing Spider-Man hits shelves tomorrow for the XBox 360 and PlayStation 3. Stick to The Flickcast for a review too coming soon!