SDCC12 Preview: Marvel Goes to War With New Comics Covers, Upcoming Event

Marvel is going to war. Well, more to the point, many of the Marvel characters are going to war in what promises to be a new comic event from the company that brought you Civil War and Secret Invasion.

So far we don’t know a whole lot about what’s coming except that Marvel has released a couple of comic covers to help build awareness of the event, and according to said covers, it all starts in October and might have something to do with water. We’ve got both of the full covers to share with you today so you can see for yourself.

Whatever it is Marvel promises to reveal all during Comic-Con in San Diego’ s Amazing Spider-Man panel on July 15th at at 12:30PM. If you can’t make it to San Diego, you can get all the deets at the company’s website.

Click through to check out the two full covers. More on this as it comes to us.

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