Microsoft Office 2013 Coming on July 16

Microsoft Office 2013 Coming on July 16

Even with an event as big as Comic-Con in San Diego going on right now, that doesn’t mean the rest of the non-entertainment world simply grinds to a halt. Case in point is Microsoft’s announcement today that its set to release a revamped version of its Office suite, cleverly dubbed Microsoft Office 13, as soon as next Monday.

According to the report, Microsoft will highlight new features of the suite on July 16th intended to “jazz up” its Office applications in preparation for the launch of Windows 8 in October. Apparently, this is kind of a big deal for Microsoft because, as the report mentions, the Office suite “accounted for $22.2 billion of Microsoft’s nearly $70 billion in fiscal 2011 revenue and $14.1 billion of operating income, by far the most of any unit.”

So yeah, that’s a pretty big and important unit. Microsoft really doesn’t want to screw this up.

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