SDCC12: Neil Gaiman Returning to 'Sandman'

SDCC12: Neil Gaiman Returning to ‘Sandman’

At least with this rather surprising news it’s not a case of another creative team making a prequel to a classic graphic novel. Before Watchmen, we’re looking at you.

This time at least the guy who started it all is back and ready to tell another part of the story. To what story am I referring? Well, as you might have heard, celebrated author Neil Gaiman has decided to return to the world he made famous and tell a new part of The Sandman story.

That’s right, Gaiman will collaborate with artist J.H. Williams III on a new limited series based on his classic graphic novel The Sandman for Vertigo. Gaiman made the announcement via video during the Vertigo panel at Comic-Con on Thursday.

In the video address, Gaiman said “there was one tale still untold” for The Sandman and with Sandman‘s 25th anniversary coming up, he felt the time was right to revisit it and tell this new story.

The title of the series will be announced later, but look for it to debut sometime in 2013 and be available da-and-date digitally.