Check It Out: Sir Patrick Stewart, Olympic Ticket Scalper!

Check It Out: Sir Patrick Stewart, Olympic Ticket Scalper!

Funny or Die is known for bringing together some crazy casts for often hilarious internet videos. To capitalize on the current Olympic fever they have released one of their better videos yet.

Starring Sir Patrick Stewart, The Olympic Scalper follows a London ticket scalper as he looks to break scalping history at the games. The video also stars Game of Thrones’ Maisie Williams, Olympian Ryan Lochte and the incomparable Simon Pegg.

The sketch is generally pretty damned hilarious, but the exchange between Pegg and Stewart had me in stitches. It is great to see these guys take the piss out of one of their mutual golden geese.

These little projects are exactly why new media on the internet is the way of the future. The internet is the wild west of filmmaking, anything goes and the fast gun stands above the rules we have grown accustomed to. I mean seriously, the fact that something like this exists for no other reason than to make you giggle for 3 minutes is pretty much proof positive that the world is a pretty splendid place.

Check out the video over at Funny or Die and stay tuned in to The Flickcast should any more slices of awesome come across our radar.