Check Out Previews for This Sunday's New Episode of 'True Blood'

Check Out Previews for This Sunday’s New Episode of ‘True Blood’

Some of you may be thinking that this season’s True Blood isn’t as good as previous ones. To that we say “Heck no.” We’re liking it just fine, thank you.

With only three more episodes to go for the season, things are really starting to heat up with loyalties being questioned, new alliances being formed and lots and lots of blood-soaked sex. We’re loving every minute of it.

Okay, not every minute. The Lafayette and Terry stories are kinda slowing things down, but I guess that’s what you get with an ensamble cast. Not everyone gets to be involved in the “A” story of vampire revolution.

Still, we’ll keep watching — if only to see what crazy shit Russell does next or how Eric is gonna punish the usurper who dares to sit in his chair at Fangtasia. To help get us (and you) ready for this Sunday’s new episode, we’ve got some previews for it. Find them, as usual, after the break,

True Blood airs Sunday at 9PM on HBO.