Sony Reportedly Going to Support 4K Resolution on new TVs and Playstation 4

Sony Reportedly Going to Support 4K Resolution on new TVs and Playstation 4

Before I go any further I need to disclose that I’m not a fan of Sony or its products. However, I do currently own a PS3, which I use primarily to watch Blu-ray movies. For gaming, I’m pretty much on the XBox 360 or the iPad 3.

My distaste for Sony has been a long time coming through a series of sub-par products and culminating in a very expensive XBR TV that failed just after the warranty expired and would have cost almost as much to fix as to repair. My love for Sony died that day.

This new development, highlighted over at BGR, seems destined to do little, if anything to change my opinion. According to the site, Sony plans on releasing televisions with 4K resolution.

They also plan on having the PS 4 support 4K resolution. My reaction? Who cares? I can’t even get my local cable or satellite provider to send full 1080P content to my exceptionally awesome Panasonic plasma TV let alone have worry about 4K resolution programming. Good luck seeing that in the next few years.

There’s also very few games that take advantage of 1080P on the PS3 so again, I ask, why do we need 4K? I feel the same way about 3D. Nobody really needs that at home either. I expect 4K to go the way of other failed Sony products like Betamax, UMD and the MiniDisc.


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