SDCC 2012 Flashback: Interview with WWE's Brodus Clay

SDCC 2012 Flashback: Interview with WWE’s Brodus Clay

Hey everyone, we have a few videos coming up over the next few days headed back to San Diego Comic Con with some interviews of various WWE Superstars. We apologize for the delay but we had some video and editing issues that we had to work through on them. Hope you enjoy!

One of the biggest character reinventions of the past year came from Brodus Clay. Originally just a monster who came to the aid of Alberto Del Rio during Del Rio’s war with Edge in 2012, Clay returned to the WWE programming in January of this year as the Funkasaurus Brodus Clay. Wearing a track suit and matching fedora, Brodus danced his way to the ring alongside his two Funkadactyls. Brodus talked to the Flickcast about being a long time comic fan. He also talked about the two sides of himself that come out in the ring during competition.

Check out the full interview with the Funkasaurus Brodus Clay from SDCC below and stay tuned for more from the Flickcast.