Epic Dragon Con 2012 Music Video

While we didn’t get a chance to make it to Dragon Con this year, we did hear the stories. We heard about some pretty epic cosplay and even saw tons of pics, but nothing would have prepared us for this. Shot by the team of Micah Moore, Black Faucette, Justin Reich and edited together by Micah, this is the definitive Dragon Con video.

For those who have never been to Dragon Con, it is a multigenre meeting of the geeks that draws over 50,000 in attendance to Atlanta, GA each year. Every year, Dragon Con earns a reputation for some of the top cosplay in the nation, even sometimes surpassing that of San Diego Comic Con in high quality costumes. In its 26th year, Dragon Con keeps getting bigger and bigger.

In the video after the jump, Micah and the rest of his team from BeatDownBoogie.com use a remix of “Real Hero” from the film Drive to show off the unparalleled level of dedication and fandom of the attendees for this year’s Dragon Con. It’s videos like this that make us proud to be geeks.



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