'Wreck-It Ralph' Movie Tie-In Game Gets a Teaser Trailer

‘Wreck-It Ralph’ Movie Tie-In Game Gets a Teaser Trailer

There are two known facts about The Flickcast’s gaming division (a.k.a. the Bitcast):

1. WallE and I love video games.

2. WallE and I cannot wait until Wreck-It Ralph hits theaters.

So it only makes sense that we would be following the news on the Wreck-It Ralph tie-in video game. Now while we all know that movie tie-in games run a high risk of not living up to expectations for the film, or for games in general, there is a shed of hope for Wreck-It Ralph. After all, it is a game… based off a movie… that is based off of gaming. What could possibly go wrong? Well, don’t answer that as we have seen many a project that should have been a layup go wrong.

In the new teaser trailer, we take a quick look at Wreck-It Ralph but don’t get the opportunity to see his gameplay so that is what leads us to speculate. What is Wreck-It Ralph going to be like? Players have already been given the opportunity to play browser based versions of Hero’s Duty and Sugar Rush on the Wreck-It Ralph movie site as well as a Fix-It Felix iOS game.

The Wii, DS and 3DS versions of Wreck-It Ralph will be side scrolling arcade style games that let players explore areas based on the different games featured in the film (including the above mentioned Hero’s Duty and Sugar Rush). It has also been announced that players will be able to play as Ralph and Felix, being able to destroy and repair various areas in the game’s levels.

What we are most wondering about though is the cameos. One of the things that got us most excited in the Wreck-It Ralph film trailers was spotting character cameos from throughout gaming history. From Bowser to Q-bert to Zangief, it wet our appetite for a video game movie (that wasn’t actually based off an existing video game) like no other had before. Considering Wreck-It Ralph will only be appearing on Nintendo consoles, it may be safe speculation that Nintendo owned characters might appear in the game as they do in the film. We’re looking at you Bowser.

Stay tuned for more on Wreck-It Ralph coming to the Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS and Nintendo 3DS in November and the Wreck-It Ralph movie on October 30th and of course, check out the teaser trailer below.