American Express Pays Gamers on XBox 360

American Express Pays Gamers on XBox 360

AmEx XBox Synch

So last night my iPhone buzzes me and let’s me know I have a new email from American Express. I figure it is just another Skymiles statement tied into my Delta frequent flyer account that I get every month. But luckily before quickly hitting delete, I see XBox 360 in the subject line.

So I decide to actually open it and I find out something surprising. American Express is going to issue me a credit just for synching up my Amex account with my XBox 360. Now I am sure there is some malevolent connection between the two to allow them to both do market research on me but let’s face it, these two companies already know all the bad stuff about me.

Microsoft knows how many hours of my life are spent online gaming already and my AmEx card knows where I blow my disposable income. Registering the two together isn’t going to ruin me by any means.

So by heading to the site, I get a quick instructional video (shown below) and in less than 5 minutes my console is synched up and I have already activated an automatic $10 statement credit just for signing up for the program. (The AMC Theater and PacSun rebates don’t really matter to me at this point).

But then, low and behold, there is a $25 statement bonus for getting a specific in-game achievement in Halo 4 before a certain date. It is actually the achievement for beating the game’s campaign but still, $25 for something anyone who owns the game is probably planning on doing already is a damn good deal.

The only annoying part is the advertisement you need to click on from the XBox 360 Dashboard “Home” hub isn’t always there. You will spend time going back and forth, loading and restarting the system waiting for the right one to appear in the bottom right hand “advertisement” tile.

Take a peek below at the full breakdown and video from American Express and if you have an AmEx card and XBox Live account, sign yourself up. This is the next logical step for achievements that gamers have been hoping for, real world rewards for in game accomplishments. If it goes well, hopefully we will be seeing more programs like this in the future.

American Express and Xbox are bringing you a new way to save. From now until December 31st, Cardmembers can sync an eligible American Express® Card with their Xbox LIVE Gamertag on Xbox 360 to unlock exclusive content, offers, and more.

Spend $10 at AMC Theatres®, get $5 back

Spend $50 at PacSun®, get $25 back

Get a $10 statement credit from American Express

Cardmembers who sync their Card with Xbox LIVE and play the newly released “Halo 4” will also be able to unlock additional offers by reaching specified in-game achievements. These include:

Spend $100 at Best Buy®, get $50 back

Get a $25 statement credit from American Express