TV RECAP: ‘Arrow’ Episode 113 – ‘Betrayal’

TV RECAP: ‘Arrow’ Episode 113 – ‘Betrayal’


Cyrus Vanch has been released from prison and meets with his lawyer, George. He finds George’s work in his absence to have been unsatisfactory, so he murders him. Vanch has plans to take over both the TRIAD and Bertinelli’s crime family.

Oliver tries to infiltrate Vanch’s operation, but there are too many armed guardsmen. Vanch discovers one of his arrows, and decides to take The Hood out to show how powerful he is.

One of Vanch’s associates has an informant at the police station, and tells him that Laurel is the key to drawing out The Hood.

Laurel has a meeting with The Hood, and the tracer on her phone allows Quentin to set up a raid. They show up at the meeting and The Hood briefly holds Laurel hostage before disappearing into the night. Quentin chases after him, but is knocked out by The Hood.

Laurel and Quentin argue over his using her to get to The Hood. She alludes to him having had an alcohol problem after his wife (her mother) left.

Diggle does not trust Moira once he finds out that she had a copy of the list. Oliver won’t hear any of it, but Diggle insists on being her driver for a few days to keep an eye on her. Oliver talked to Moira, and she has convinced him that she knows nothing about the list, even throwing it on the fire.

Laurel is trying to get Tommy on the phone, having finally told him about her secret meetings with The Hood. He was not happy about being lied to. She assumes Tommy is at the door, but it is two thugs. Laurel fights them off, but then Cyrus tazes her.

Tommy arrives at Laurel’s apartment, but all he finds is one of The Hood’s arrows with a message recorded on it demanding to meet with The Hood. He brings the message to Quentin, who calls The Hood to set up a meeting.

Quentin tells The Hood that he needs his help to get Laurel back. There is a mole in the police department, and he cannot trust anyone else to help him. The Hood takes out Cyrus’ men, but Cyrus knows that once he enters the house he will be out of arrows. Quentin takes out the last of Cyrus’ security, and they save Laurel.

Back at the precinct, Laurel tells Quentin that she still needs some time to get over how he used her to get to The Hood. The Hood catches up with her outside, and tells her that he didn’t realize how much danger she would encounter. He severs their relationship, saying that she will never see him again.

More flashbacks are shown throughout this episode, starting with Oliver using Yao Fai’s map to find an old crashed plane. It is here that he meets Slade Wilson, who starts training Oliver to be a fighter, so they can find a way off the island. Slade was one of two men sent to the island to rescue Fai.

Diggle gets some audio from Moira’s meeting with her “accountant” (Malcolm), talking about some dirty business. Malcolm wants her to remove all traces of the Queen’s Gambit from the warehouse. She says that she knows there was foul play in the crash of the ship. Diggle plays the audio for Oliver, who is still not ready to believe that Moira is involved in some shady business. The episode concludes with The Hood crashing into Moira’s office and confronting her.