TV RECAP: ‘The Walking Dead’ Episode 309 – ‘The Suicide King’

TV RECAP: ‘The Walking Dead’ Episode 309 – ‘The Suicide King’

walking dead suicide king

Daryl and Merle are in the circle pit, and The Governor tells everyone that they will fight to the death, with the winner being free. Merle starts beating on Daryl, and Daryl tries to fight back.

Merle tells Daryl to go with it, and they eventually manage to push the “walkers-on-sticks” into the crowd and make a break for it. Rick and the others provide cover, and Merle and Daryl are able to escape. As they are leaving Woodbury, the gate is slightly open, and some walkers start entering the town.

While Rick’s group is out saving Daryl, the remaining members (Herschel, Carl, Carol, and Beth), try to make peace with Tyreese and his group. But, Herschel warns them, the final decision lies with Rick, not him.

While Tyreese and the others are outside burying Donna, Allen and Ben devise a plan to attack Carol and Carl and take their weapons, overtaking the prison. Tyreese and Sasha want to try and work with Rick and the others. Before anything can happen, Carol and Axl come out with some tools to help them bury Donna.

After escaping, Rick, Glenn, Daryl, and Maggie discuss what to do with Merle and Michonne. Rick wants to leave them both behind, Daryl wants to bring Merle back, Maggie wants to be sure Michonne is ok before they send her off, and Glenn is mad that they didn’t kill Merle or The Governor.

Rick tells Daryl that they just can’t bring Merle with them, as he is too much of a liability. Daryl chooses to go with Merle on their own, as he is his family.

There is chaos back at Woodbury, with stray walkers inside the walls, and people trying to leave in a panic. The Governor is holed up in his apartment, and will not talk to anyone. When a couple of walkers attack a man in town, The Governor emerges, only to shoot the man and go back inside as soon as he came.

Andrea tries to talk some sense into The Governor, and he reveals to her that Merle had Glenn and Maggie at Woodbury while she was there. Instead of pushing Andrea away, she is determined to help the people. Her and Milton go out to talk to everyone, and Andrea gives an impassioned speech that rallies the townspeople together. It appears that for now crisis is averted, as The Governor watches on.

Rick, Maggie, Glenn, and Michonne return to the prison, and Rick tells Carol that Daryl is fine but stayed went with Merle. Herschel tries to convince Rick that they need help if they are going to fight The Governor and his people. Tyreese pledges to offer any help they can to Rick against any opposition.

Rick appears to have a change of heart after some prodding from Herschel. But, he sees a woman in a white dress upstairs and starts freaking out. I’m assuming it’s Lori, but it wasn’t made explicitly clear. Rick is yelling and carrying on, and Glenn ushers Tyreese’s group out of the prison before Rick does something.