TV RECAP: ‘Arrow’ Episode 114 – ‘The Odyssey’

TV RECAP: ‘Arrow’ Episode 114 – ‘The Odyssey’


The Hood crashes into Moira’s office and questions her about Walter’s disappearance. She tells him she doesn’t know where Walter is, and begs for life, showing him a picture of Oliver and Thea. The Hood backs down, and Moira shoots him.

Oliver hides out in Felicity’s car, asking for her help when she gets in. He reveals himself as The Hood, and she brings him to Diggle. Diggle gets the bullet out of Oliver and stitches him up.

Oliver goes into cardiac arrest, but Felicity and Diggle are able to revive him, but Oliver is still unconscious. They think that Oliver is coding again, but it turns out to be just a loose wire.

When Felicity questions why Diggle doesn’t seem bothered by Oliver killing bad men, he tells her about his time in the Army. He had to protect a drug lord, and ended up killing a young insurgent, just to protect what he called “human garbage”. Diggle tells her that he feels good again going after the bad guys.

Oliver wakes up and thanks Diggle and Felicity. While he was out, Felicity upgraded his computer system, and hacked into the police computer to have his DNA sample destroyed. Oliver asks Felicity to join their fight, but she only agrees to help them find Walter. After that, she’s done.

Diggle still thinks that Moira is hiding something, but Oliver says that she is off limits. Diggle questions whether Oliver thinks she is innocent, or refuses to believe that she might be guilty.

Oliver returns home to find out about The Hood coming after Moira. He inquires about any potential evidence, but Quentin tells him there was a screw up at the lab. Oliver promises Moira that The Hood will never bother her again.

Interspersed throughout the episode are flashbacks to the island, where Slade and Oliver are trying to make it to a supply plane drop-off spot to get off the island. Slade is trying to train Oliver to be a competent fighter, so he can assist Slade against the soldiers.

As they make their way towards the landing area for the plane, Oliver steps on a landmine. Some soldiers are coming, but Slade helps fight them off. He pushes Oliver off the mine, but it does not go off.

Slade explains to Oliver that everyone is out for themselves in everything they do. The mercenary for Fyers’ army is Slade’s former partner Billy Wintergreen. They were sent in to rescue Yao Fei. When Fyers caught them, Wintergreen immediately agreed to join Fyers army, abandoning Slade.

Slade tells Oliver that all he will have to do is take out the guard in the tower, and Slade will take care of everything else. Oliver is unable to disarm the guard, but Slade is there to have his back. Oliver calls Laurel from a phone in the guard tower, but Slade destroys the phone when he comes back.

When the plane radios in, Slade takes the call, and the plane gives him a challenge code to prove he is the real guard. It turns out to be part of a quote from Homer’s The Odyssey, and Oliver knows the other half. The plane will be there in three hours.

Slade tells Oliver that he is going to have the island bombed after they are rescued. Oliver can’t leave Yao Fei to die, and goes to rescue him. He finds Yao, but Yao does not want to be saved.

Fyers walks in on them, and Yao knocks out Oliver. Oliver is going to be executed by Wintergreen, but Slade shows up and kills Wintergreen. Fyers manages to shoot Slade in the arm, and Oliver helps them escape, displaying fighting skills he didn’t seem to have before. As they are escaping, the plane flies over them as it is leaving. They have missed their chance to get off the island.

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