Bungie and Activision Reveal 'Destiny'

Bungie and Activision Reveal ‘Destiny’

Destiny Key Art Cover Image

When the creators of the top XBox exclusive Halo franchise teams up with the publishing behemoth behind the Call of Duty franchise, at least on paper it is a recipe for success. After months of only hearing the project’s name Destiny, Bungie was finally ready to reveal just what it was during an event this weekend.

Below check out the first developer diary featuring the first concept art for Destiny. After spending a decade with Halo, Bungie looks to spend the next ten years working on Destiny. In the trailer, you’ll hear the start of the Destiny mythos. Unlike Halo where mankind was fighting back against an invading force, Destiny takes place in the aftermath of an invading force. Saved only by a figure known as the Traveler, the remnants of humanity struggle to survive.

Additionally, the developer diary gives insight that Destiny may be including some nontraditional gameplay. While working on the game, the developer’s iPhone goes off revealing messages from characters in the game. Bungie has always used ARG as a method for promoting their games. Now it may be possible that Destiny will integrate it within the actual gameplay as well.

Currently, no date or systems have been announced for Destiny. This could be a strong indication it will be on the next generation of consoles and since this game is coming from Activision, it will most likely be multiplatform as well. Take a peek below at the full dev diary for Destiny and stick to the Flickcast for more on this bound-to-be-epic title as news becomes available.