Jeremy Is Back: Samsung Drops Another Galaxy S4 Teaser Video


Effective commercials, and advertising in general, is an under-appreciated artform. Often, the right advertising and marketing campaign can greatly help a new product succede.

In other cases, an ill-conceived advertising and marketing campaign can hurt, and in some cases kill, a product before it really gets going. For Samsung’s upcoming new flagship device, the Galaxy S4, we’re not sure if it’s latest teaser video campaign is one that will help, or hurt.

With the unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy S4 now less than two weeks away, Samsung has begun dropping video teasers for the device featuring a kid named Jeremy, who is the “secret messenger of Samsung Unpacked 2013.”

In the new teaser released today, Jeremy is back and still trying to keep his secret, in spite of the persistance of the little girl down the street. Women. Isn’t that always the way?

Check out the latest teaser video, and the first one from last week, after the break. Do these make you want the Galaxy S4 even more, or do you care?

Here’s last week’s video too:

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