Monday Freeview: ‘4 Pics 1 Word’ for iOS

Monday Freeview: ‘4 Pics 1 Word’ for iOS

4 Pics 1 Word Cover Image

Welcome back to the Monday Freeview where we bring you the best in free entertainment this week. In our first installment last week we hooked you up with Bombermine for the PC and Mac. This week, we’re headed to iOS for 4 Pics 1 Word.

Currently one of the top free apps in the iPhone App store, 4 Pics 1 Word is a puzzle game where the player is presented with four pictures and needs to come up with the one word that describes what they all have in common. Seems like a pretty self explanatory game, right? Well at the start, it is. When you see a picture of Juice, an Apple, a Pineapple and a Banana, the obvious answer that comes to mind is “Fruit”. But the further the player gets, the more difficult the brain teaser gets. Work Boots, two burgers, socks and two ladybugs humping each other takes a little more thought to figure out the hidden word.

Should things get too hard, players get the chance to “phone a friend” by posting the puzzle to Facebook and hopefully 4 Pics 1 Word Screen Capletting their friends do all the work for them. If they don’t have any friends, or their friends just happen to not be the smartest, the game features additional help where the players can spend coins to either have a correct letter shown or have some of the letters deleted. These coins are earned by either completing puzzles or through an in-app purchase. Because players aren’t allowed to skip the puzzles they can’t complete, it’s either ask for help, spend coins or be forced to buy them from the game.

While the game isn’t terribly challenging, there are some puzzles that people are going to need to take a step back from in order to think about and complete as the connections between all the images in 4 Pics 1 Word aren’t always the most transparent. But if you are stuck somewhere with some time to kill, it is a great time killer and surprisingly addictive. At 30 mb, it is a fast file to download that you don’t need to be connected to Wi-Fi so you can get it pretty much anywhere as well.

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  • ProfPotts
    March 13, 2013 at 4:59 am

    Hello John
    I’ve just launched a new word game called “d-pixing!”
    It’s quite similar to 4Pics 1Word, so I hope you think it’s ok to post here
    It’s more like 1Word you have to find in 12 Pics(Hand drawn illustrations)
    Below is the link to the free lite version.
    It’s a truly, unique and unusual re-working of the rebus puzzle..
    Cheers Professor Potts