TV RECAP: ‘Walking Dead’ Episode 313 – ‘Arrow On The Doorpost’

TV RECAP: ‘Walking Dead’ Episode 313 – ‘Arrow On The Doorpost’

walking dead arrow doorpost

Herschel, Rick, and Daryl are investigating a seemingly random location. Rick goes into an old barn and The Governor comes out of the shadows. Martinez, Milton, and Andrea show up, and Andrea is surprised to learn The Governor is already inside with Rick.

Andrea has set this up so that the two sides can establish a truce. Rick wants to split the land on either side of the river, but The Governor refuses. He wants Rick and his crew to surrender.

The Governor tells Rick that Andrea has no authority to make any truces, and makes her leave so he and Rick can talk privately. As Rick sits down at the table, it appears that he some kind of gun taped under the table pointing at the other chair.

While Rick and The Governor are talking, Andrea, Martinez, and Daryl take out some nearby walkers. Daryl and Martinez are trying to one up each other. Daryl and Martinez talk, and agree that no matter what happens in this meeting, they will be at war soon.

Herschel and Milton are talking, as Milton has been keeping a written history of events to pass on to future generations. Milton is amazed at how Herschel had his leg cut off to stop the infection. Milton asks to see his leg, and Herschel jokingly tells him to buy him a drink first.

The Governor “opens up” to Rick, telling him about the death of his wife. Whether or not the story is true, I am certain that The Governor is up to no good. The Governor finally cuts to the chase, and tells Rick the one way he will accept a truce.

The Governor wants Rick to turn over Michonne. If he does this, The Governor promises Rick can do whatever he wants. Rick tries to figure out why The Governor would rest everything on a petty grudge. The Governor gives Rick two days to make up his mind.

Herschel commends Andrea for trying to make peace between the two sides. Andrea says that she can’t go back to Woodbury. Herschel tells her that she is family and belongs with Rick’s group.

Rick and The Governor come out of the barn, and say nothing. The sides get into their cars to go back to their respective homes, and Andrea goes with The Governor.

While the meeting is taking place, Merle is trying to convince everyone to go take out The Governor while he is distracted with this meeting. No one else wants to jeopardize the potential truce, or the lives of Rick, Daryl, and Herschel.

Merle tells them they can’t stop him, and he and Glenn fight. Maggie and Michonne help subdue Merle. Later on, Merle tries to convince Michonne to go with him, but she refuses, saying that any deaths are on his hands.

Glenn and Maggie are outside on watch, and they apologize to each other and make up. They sneak off into a side room and have sex. I thought that while they were distracted, Merle was going to sneak out, but it didn’t happen.

The Governor and his crew return to Woodbury. The Governor tells Martinez that when they bring Michonne to him, they will kill everyone except for Michonne. There is a good chance that Rick, Daryl, and maybe even Merle will be a part of the handoff. Milton overhears this and questions The Governor.

The Governor tells Milton that this is the best way to avoid a slaughter. Milton replies, “That is a slaughter”. The Governor doesn’t see it the same way, since it’s not them being slaughtered. He tells Milton they will have to eliminate Rick sooner or later, so just take care of it now.

Rick, Herschel, and Daryl return to the prison, and Rick gathers everyone together. He tells them that The Governor wants the prison, and wants them all to leave or die. Rick tells them that they are going to war.

So this answers the question as to whether or not Rick would trade Michonne for their safety. It was kind of surprising that Rick would lie to the group though. He must have figured that if they knew the options, they might choose to just give Michonne to The Governor.

Herschel comes outside to talk with Rick. Rick tells Herschel the real offer that The Governor gave him. Rick assumes The Governor will kill all of them if they bring Michonne, but he is clinging to the small chance that they could just hand over Michonne and be done with it.

Herschel reminds Rick that Michonne has earned her place, and Rick agrees. Rick confesses that he told Herschel so that Herschel can talk him out of giving Michonne to The Governor. But this is after he asked Herschel if he would trade the lives of his daughters for Michonne.