TV RECAP: ‘The Walking Dead’ Episode 315 – ‘The Sorrowful Life’

TV RECAP: ‘The Walking Dead’ Episode 315 – ‘The Sorrowful Life’

walking dead sorrowful life

Rick tells Daryl and Merle about the deal on the table to trade Michonne to The Governor in return for peace. Rick had decided to do it, but Merle knows he doesn’t have the guts. Rick tells him they have until noon to make the trade.

Carol asks Merle is he is with them or not. He says that he is with his brother. Carol reminds him that his brother is with them. Merle comments on Carol’s new attitude, and how she isn’t afraid anymore. He calls her a late bloomer, and Carol suggests that maybe Merle is a late bloomer himself.

Merle tells Daryl that he is in, but he knows Rick will back out. Merle thinks that he needs to be kept around to be the bad guy, doing the dirty work that no one else could live with themselves for doing. He says that Daryl and Rick are no better than him if they are going to trade Michonne to save the rest.

Herschel is reading some bible passages to Maggie and Beth while is outside trying to find some wire to tie Michonne up with. As we hear Herschel’s words, Rick sees Lori and puts down the wire. Rick tells Herschel that he can’t and won’t make the trade.

Almost on cue, Merle leads Michonne downstairs, telling her they need to clear some walkers. They kill a few walkers, and then Merle knocks her out. He drags her into a back room and ties her up.

Merle and Michonne are outside walking to Woodbury. Merle is honest with her and lets her in on the deal The Governor made with Rick. He knows Rick would have caved, so he did the dirty work.

In the meantime, Rick tells Daryl that the deal is off, and Daryl does not seem too upset about it. Rick can’t find Merle or Michonne, and after some investigating, they find the spot in the basement where Merle took her out. Daryl tells Rick that he will go after Merle.

Glenn comes to Herschel and expresses his wishes to marry Maggie, or at least wants her to know before anything happens. Herschel gives him his blessing. Glenn cuts a ring off of a walker, and later gives it to Maggie, and she says yes.

Merle is opening up for some reason to Michonne. He says that he wants to be with his brother, and his brother wants to be at the prison. If Merle does this, maybe all is forgiven. He says that he has to play the hand he was dealt. And he only has one.

Merle ties Michonne to a post while he hotwires a car. The alarm goes off, and walkers swarm in. Michonne manages to kill a couple of them while tied up, and Merle picks off a few. He cuts her free and they manage to drive away.

Michonne is trying to convince Merle that they can just go back. Merle could have had a new beginning, but no one will mourn his loss, not even Daryl. Merle lets Michonne go, saying he has to take care of something on his own.

Daryl finds Michonne, but goes after Merle, telling her not to let anyone come after him. Merle is drinking in a parking lot, blasting music, drawing in walkers. It is not a suicide attempt, however, as he starts driving away, luring the walkers with him. My guess is that he is bringing them to Woodbury.

Merle leads the walkers into Woodbury, and jumps out the car, hiding in a barn. As Martinez and his men start fighting the walkers, Merle is shooting Martinez men from the barn. A walker surprises him, and Merle falls out of the barn.

Martinez and The Governor beat up Merle, and The Governor even bites off two of Merle’s fingers. Who does that? Merle tells The Governor that he “ain’t beggin you”, and The Governor shoots him.

Back at the prison, Rick tells everyone about The Governor’s deal. He was going to do it, but has decided against it. Michonne is family. No one person is worth sacrificing for the greater good, because they are the greater good. He is no longer the leader and he is not a governor. They will vote on whether they stay and fight, or leave.

Daryl arrives at the barns in Woodbury, and finds Merle. Merle is a zombie, eating a man. Merle comes after Daryl, and Daryl pushes him away a few times before finally stabbing and killing his zombie brother.

Next week is the big season 3 finale, and a war is on tap. Previews show The Governor riling up Woodbury, and Michonne telling Rick they are ready. Martinez is in the lead vehicle coming towards the prison, and they shoot out one of the lookout towers. Oh, and Andrea is still tied up in that chair. Guess they finally address that.