April Fools - Monday Freeview: 'Halo 2: HD Remix' for XBox 360

April Fools – Monday Freeview: ‘Halo 2: HD Remix’ for XBox 360

Halo2FoolsAs always, the Monday Freeview is here to help point you towards the tip top best in free entertainment. And today, a special one day promotion is in the works from the team at 434 Industries. The best kept secret in gaming, the Halo 2: HD Remix is up for grabs today. Though you won’t be able to play the game today, the 434 Industries website will be a giant treasure hunt for gamers and hackers alike as the game’s developers have taken the series creator Bungie’s approach to ARG marketing to their newly announced title. Hidden throughout the site will be series of 25 digit codes, that once found can be redeemed on XBox Live, granting the free downloadable versions of the game, including multiplayer, to one hundred individuals.

Studio head Frank O’Connar, who announced the game and the ARG early this morning, told the invited press, “We are happy to be able to help complete the cycle of Halo on the XBox 360. There are some people who have never had the chance to play the original Halo 2 because it was only available on the XBox. Now, they can get the full glory of the game’s story including its…. controversial abrupt ending as well as full Achievement support this fall. On top of the single player HD remix, there will be full makeover on the multiplayer too including new weapons from the other games in the classic Halo 2 maps.”

So you ask, how does this count as a Monday Freeview since Halo 2 isn’t out today? Because you still get a free ARG with a great prize for its winners. Make sure to head directly to the site and see if you can figure out the code for Halo 2: HD Remix on XBLA with the hints given.