Phoenix Jones Shows Dating Coach Adam London How to Be a Real Life Superhero

Real Life Superheroes Cover Image

What would it be like to be a real life superhero? While we don’t have people sticking to walls, flying across the planet or shooting lasers from their eyes, there are groups of men and women who work together in an effort with local law enforcement to help protect their communities. One such self-made super hero is Phoenix Jones.

Jones and the rest of the Rain City Superhero Movement help protect the streets of Seattle, WA. Unlike Stan Lee’s So You Want To Be a Superhero which created fictional personas, Phoenix and the rest of the Rain City Superhero Movement are the real deal.

Phoenix Jones, a former MMA fighter, recently took world renowned pickup artist and dating coach Adam London on one of their nightly patrols. London, who talks about trying to experience everything in an effort to make his life more interesting and build attraction, takes to the streets with Jones on a night of patrolling. As you will see below, even though London, Jones and the rest of their group don’t engage in an actual altercation, there is some real danger to what they do.

Jones has been both stabbed and shot during his crime fighting stints in the past because unlike some of the criminal element he is up against, Jones and his team don’t carry firearms but are all MMA or military trained.

The concept of real life superheroes caught the attention of the media when Kick-Ass, the Mark Millar comic, began production for theatrical release. Since, more and more men and women have taken up the roles worldwide in protecting their communities in a 21st century neighborhood watch.

Check out the full video from Adam London’s YouTube channel.


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