TV RECAP: ‘The Following’ Episode 114 – The End Is Near

TV RECAP: ‘The Following’ Episode 114 – The End Is Near


Let me first say how surprisingly difficult it was to watch this episode. After what has happened the last week in Boston, to all of a sudden be watching a show about a manhunt for entertainment kind of threw me for a loop. I live about an hour/hour and a half from Boston, and work less than 20 miles away.

It was a horrible, scary week, and I just wanted to mention that this episode has some activity that brought me right back to that week. I in no way want to seem insensitive by reviewing this episode, but if Fox was okay with airing it, I will do my part and review it.

The episode starts with Joe again watching a tape of Hardy and Molly having sex. Joe keeps replaying a snippet of video where Hardy says “Can’t kill me, I’m already dead.”

Joe finally realizes that he has scared Emma, and apologizes to her. Emma accepts his apology, and he tells her they have so much to do.

Joe and all of his followers are praying about how in life there is death. He tells them that today is the most special of days for all of them. It appears as though their plan is going into motion. Today is the day their story will finally be heard.

Jacob tells Emma that he thinks Joe may be using them. Emma tells him to just go along with the plan. Joe tells Claire that he cannot come up with any scenario in which her character can stay alive.

The FBI figures out where the compound is, even though Roderick had doctored the property records. When they arrive, the house is empty. Empty except for one follower, who has hung himself.

Emma and Jacob encounter a woman in her garage. She runs inside to find her husband, only to find that Joe and Claire are inside. Joe ties the couple up, telling them they will only be staying until nightfall.

Jacob is still unsure of the plan, but Emma assures him he is the only one who is not ok with it. Joe has made dinner for the captive couple, Claire, and himself. Joe is acting like nothing is wrong, and even offers the husband some parmesan cheese (it was much funnier than my description of it). Meanwhile, Emma apologizes to Jacob, and they reconcile.

Hardy is convinced that some members of Joe’s cult are at the precinct where much of the town has gathered. Of course, they are, and a girl stabs a reporter. They take the girl into custody, and she spouts a bunch of Poe quotes. Hardy puts a gun to her throat, and all she says is that Claire must die so that hardy can be reborn.

Back at the awkward dinner, Joe unties Claire so she can open a bottle of wine that he is too weak to open. He tells Claire this will be her last supper. The doorbell rings, and Emma sees that it is a pair of cops. She tells Joe she will take care of it. When the cops question Emma at the door, she shoots them.

While Emma and Jacob are taking care of the cops, Claire hits Joe with the bottle of wine, and jabs a fork into his wound. She cuts the couple loose, and they escape the house. Joe sends Emma and Jacob after them, saying he will meet up with them at the spot later.

Hardy and Parker somehow realize that the Masque of the Red Death quotes that have been floating around today means that there will be an attack on the evacuation center that all of the townspeople have gone to. Any number of people inside could be members of Joe’s cult.

They proceed cautiously, checking everyone out. Hardy spots a man who was outside when the reporter was killed. As Hardy approaches the man, he throws his hands up in the air, and the lights go out. Random people inside the shelter start killing other random people. Hardy goes after the man, and Weston and Parker manage to kill other cult members. Parker is grabbed by one man, and another comes at her with a knife.

Jacob and Emma find Claire and the couple, but Claire gives herself up so the couple can escape. They bring Claire to Joe, who takes her away on a boat. Jacob tries to convince Emma to run away with him. Emma loves him, but she loves Joe too. Emma slits Jacob’s throat, saying she doesn’t know how to love them both. Jacob dies in front of her, and Emma seems only mildly upset.

In total, 9 cult members are dead. Weston informs the others that Parker is missing. The two men have taken her into the woods, and locked her in a coffin.