TV RECAP: ‘Grimm’ Episode 219 – ‘Endangered’

TV RECAP: ‘Grimm’ Episode 219 – ‘Endangered’

grimm endangered

Wesen of the Week: The Gluhenvolk

Two ranchers are driving through the fields, and one of them sees something and stops. He discovers some mutilated cattle, as well as a blue, glowing, alien man. The rancher goes for his gun, but is shoved into some fencing, impaling himself and killing him. The blue man runs away as the second rancher is coming towards them.

Nick is investigated the key his aunt gave him. He shows it to Monroe, who is able to determine that it is part of a map of Germany that he has from his ancestors. The key is supposedly from a set of 7 that were used by Grimms to hide something they found in Constantinople in the 13th century during the Crusades.

Nick asks Captain Renard about the keys. The Royal families have 4 of the keys, Nick has one, and the other two are unaccounted for. There are many rumors as to what is buried in the spot: the secret of alchemy, everlasting life, Mohammed’s sword, or even the nails used to put Christ on the cross (and some pieces of the cross as well). Whatever is there, it is thought to have great power, and the Royal families would do anything to get it.

Sgt. Wu and Nick are sent to the ranch to help in the investigation. While there, they run into a Ufologist, who wants information on the case. The second rancher described the man who killed his friend as an alien, and this drew the investigator to the ranch. Nick and Wu leave the man and go investigate, finding some translucent blue skin stuck to a barbed wire fence where the man escaped.

The “alien”, Vincent, is back in human form, and brings a bag of meat that he took from the cows into a barn. His pregnant wife takes the bag and eats the meat. Whatever they are, they need cow parts to survive.

Vincent tells his wife they need to leave again, but the car won’t start. He goes out and causes a woman to crash her car. He brings her back to the barn, and Vincent and his wife leave in her car. When the woman awakes, she reports being abducted by aliens.

The medical examiner has taken a look at the skin sample, determining that that it is human skin with an animal skin response. It evens glows when placed into a chemical solution. The examiner says it is a bioluminescence, similar to fireflies, that activates when the subject is agitated.

Vincent and his wife are driving down a remote road, and his wife makes him stop. The bumps on the road are getting her closer to going into labor. Vincent sees an old cabin nearby, and they shelter up there. As soon as they set up, she tells Vincent she is hungry again.

Juliette is able to remember another memory with Nick, the time they first said “I love you” to each other. She goes to Monroe’s house to tell him. She is afraid that Nick won’t feel the same way about her after how badly she has treated him. Monroe assures her that his feelings have not changed. She then asks Monroe what a Grimm is. He skirts around the subject by saying that he can sense things that others cannot, and that he is “different”.

Sgt. Wu has been tracking cattle mutilations, and a pattern seems to have emerged. Nick is at the trailer, and finds a page on something called a Gluhenvolk. Wu calls Nick to tell him that the ovaries were taken from the mutilated cows.

Nick brings the book to Rosalee, and she tells him that the Gluhenvolk were supposedly extinct. They were hunted for their skin, and they were thought to have all been killed off. When he tells her about the ovaries, she tells him that means there is a pregnant Gluhenvolk, and someone is helping her. Gestating Gluhenvolk need cow ovaries to survive. Monroe arrives and is also astonished to hear that Gluhenvolk are still around.

The Ufologist has found the original barn that Vincent and his wife were staying in. He receives a phone call, and it is revealed that this man is not a UFO investigator, but rather a hunter. They want to steal the baby and sell it to the highest bidder. And, the man is some kind of bird Wesen.

Nick, Monroe, and Rosalee are trying to find Vincent and his wife when they come across the UFO researcher’s trailer parked on the side of the road. They take a look inside, and discover that he is actually a skinner/trader of Wesen. He has a sedative that when put in a bullet, will kill the Wesen, but keep them in their woged state.

Nick, Monroe, and Rosalee find the old cabin, and when they enter, Vincent wife is startled, and goes into labor. Vincent comes back a short time later, and they all help her deliver the baby. The UFO researcher pulls a gun on them, but Monroe and Rosalee woge up, and attack the man. Nick shoots him with the special bullet, and he dies, still in his bird like state.

Vincent, his wife, and baby are going to go to Alaska, where the rest of their kind are. Nick has left the birdman outside the cabin for the police to find, and they determine that he was the “alien” all along.