Monday Freeview: 'Robot Unicorn Attack 2'

Monday Freeview: ‘Robot Unicorn Attack 2’

Robot Unicorn Attack 2 Cover Image

Sometimes we find some real hidden gems that have lots of thought and effort behind them for the Monday Freeview. These games have teams of hundreds working on them to create persistent MMO worlds or an ever expanding cast of unique characters… and sometimes we find Robot Unicorn Attack 2.

A sequel to one of the most popular Adult Swim games to make it to iOS, Robot Unicorn Attack 2 is an incredibly simple game. Players hit one side of the screen to jump (and double jump) and the other to dash. That’s all you get for controls. While the game has special boosts that can be purchased with in game currency, the basic nature of this runner style game is an addicting premise.

By giving players attainable goals, the game keeps leaving the bread crumbs to keep going “just one more time”. Additionally, a single game is divided up into three runs called “wishes” (keeping with the unicorn theme) so that a player gets in the routine of going just a little bit further and having to continue to the next run. By the time the third wish is complete and awards are given out, it doesn’t take much for a player to commit to three more.


One thing I do have to say is it is a really pretty game. Robot Unicorn Attack 2 definitely got a graphical overhaul from its predecessor. On top of some well rendered character models, there are some gorgeous backgrounds behind it to. But with the ongoing rainbow coming from our solo horned protagonist, I kind of wish the Nyan Cat song was playing underneath it.

There have been a recent string of these simple running games and Robot Unicorn Attack 2 may be one of the best, and it is even better since it is one of the free ones. With an option like that, it does make it hard to justify $10 or even $15 purchases on XBLA for other titles. And this is the only time a guy can get away with playing a unicorn game without getting weird looks on the bus. (Just kidding, you’re still going to get weird looks, sorry!)

  • Anonymous
    May 6, 2013 at 12:43 pm

    When does it come out on android