Movies: First Trailer for 'Ender's Game' Arrives

Movies: First Trailer for ‘Ender’s Game’ Arrives


Of all the military sci-fi novels out there yet to be made into movies, I’ve always wanted to see an adaptation of Joe Haldeman’s The Forever War. I would also like to see John Scalzi’s Old Man’s War made into a movie or heck, even another try at taking Robert A. Heinlein’s Starship Troopers to the big screen.

That said, in spite of Orson Scott Card’s ridiculous personal opinions, his Ender’s Game is also a pretty great sci-fi novel it its own right, so a big screen adaptation of it is still a welcome development. That’s just what Summit Entertainment has done and to kick things off they’ve released the first trailer for the movie.

In it we get our first real look at Ender Wiggin (Asa Butterfield), a shy, complex and conflicted boy who turns out to be a military genius, and the rest of the supporting cast including Harrison Ford as Colonel Hyrum Graff and Ben Kinsley as Mazer Rackham. Truth be told, this looks pretty good and I look forward to seeing more.

Check out the trailer after the jump. Look for Ender’s Game in theaters on November 1.