CinemaSins Tells You Everything Wrong with the 'Green Lantern' Movie in Six Minutes

CinemaSins Tells You Everything Wrong with the ‘Green Lantern’ Movie in Six Minutes

Green Lantern Cinema Sins Cover Image

Do you have a friend who picks apart every movie they see? Or maybe that friend is you? Well, let it be known that you aren’t the only one. And let it be known, you can go somewhere doing it.

If you have heard of a little site by the name of YouTube, you may want to check out the channel CinemaSins. In about six months, CinemaSins has gained close to 400,000 subscribers and over thirty million views just by being “that guy” who decides to tear apart the hard work of so many creative people. (I kind of want his job.)

In this week’s installment, CinemaSins takes a look at what some could consider “low hanging fruit.” Let’s face it, Green Lantern was not a great movie. In fact, it was a pretty bad movie by all stretches of the imagination. And not just for the poor story, poor acting and poor effects…. Actually those are all the reasons it was bad. But CinemaSins helps articulate just what those problems are unlike most of us who are all just so appalled by it that our only response is “It sucks.”

Check out the Green Lantern CinemaSins video below.