Taco Bell to Give Away PlayStation 4's Early + 'Knack' Hands On

Taco Bell to Give Away PlayStation 4’s Early + ‘Knack’ Hands On


Announced earlier today, Taco Bell is entering into a partnership with Sony for the launch of the PlayStation 4. To help promote the launch, for a limited time Taco Bell customers will be able to input a code into the Crack The Code portal from select Taco Bell items where they can will a PlayStation 4. These giveaways will happen every fifteen minutes which means almost 100 PlayStation 4’s a day will be given away. Even more exciting though is that the PlayStation 4’s will arrive to winners BEFORE the PlayStation 4 releases to the public.

Late last week, I was invited to come down to Taco Bell HQ where I found out this awesome info and along with some top digital influencers, we also got to try out some new items coming soon to Taco Bell stores. Included in that was the Triple Steak Melt (though we only got a half sized portion. But what stood out the most was the new Nacho Wrap which has the Fiery Doritos inside. While I am not a regular at Taco Bell, this one was damn good and I will probably be stopping in to get it occasionally to pick one up.

But, what was most exciting for me was the chance to get hands on with the PlayStation 4 around some of the top YouTube influencers that were also invited down. Freddie and Brandon from the FreddieW channel, Harley, Dave and Ameer from Epic Meal Time, the guys from Wong Fu, iJustine and Max No Sleeves were all in attendance and we got to play Knack.

One of the launch titles for the PS4, the description from Knack’s director Mark Cerny as “a little bit like Crash Bandicoot and Katamari Damacy, with a touch of God of War” fits really well. The gameplay and exploration feel like the hybrid of Crash and God of War and the tons of pieces of terrain that attach themselves to Knack leave a visually stunning experience. I remarked that the start of this next generation is going to show off how many polygons they can fit on screen that show off incredible lighting. While it was great to get my hands on the new hardware and see a prominent visual upgrade from the last generation, there was no “next gen” leap in terms of gameplay. In the end, it was still a basic action platformer that just looked better. I’m not saying it isn’t a good game by any means but it just doesn’t feel that different than the current generation in terms of experience.

Check out Taco Bell’s website for more details on the PlayStation 4 Crack the Code promotion and stick to the Flickcast for more PlayStation 4 as release day closes in.