Op-Ed: Why I Waited for the XBox One

Op-Ed: Why I Waited for the XBox One


The lines were drawn some time ago in this latest generation of the console war. With shots being fired all around since the consoles were officially announced to feature sets and launch titles, things have gotten messy.

And even though we are lucky enough to get review copies of games here on a regular basis, we didn’t get our hands on a freebie for either the XBox One or PlayStation 4. When budget came in to effect, I had to choose which side I’d be backing and since there could be only One… (You see what I did there?)

In the end, it came down to two things. The first is that I have bought both a PlayStation 3 and a Vita but the majority of my collection of games in the last generation were for the XBox 360. More people I knew played multiplayer on XBox 360 so for things like Call of Duty: Ghost and Grand Theft Auto V, that’s where people already were.

And as silly as they might be, I have become an achievement whore over the past 8 years and try as they might, Sony’s trophies don’t have the same effect on me. I cracked over 50,000 in one generation, I need to top it in the next.

Ultimately though, one thing that people can’t argue is that content is king and for me the launch lineup was just better on the XBox One. Games like Call of Duty: Ghost and Assassin’s Creed IV didn’t come into play since I am horribly impatient and already got them on the XBox 360. It was Dead Rising 3, Killer Instinct (welcome back!), LocoCycle and Crimson Dragon that tipped the scales. On PlayStation 4, the only games I was really leaning towards were Drive Club and Watch Dogs and with those delayed, there wasn’t much reason to not dump a boat load of my paycheck into the XBox One.

At the end of the day, it’s not about one system winning and another losing (unless of course console crashes keep happening). It really matters which system you most identify with. Put the immature fanboy BS behind you and play because you like to play, not because you want to be a confrontational jerk. We have enough of those on XBox Live already.