2014 Resolutions Only A Geek Would Love

2014 Resolutions Only A Geek Would Love


“Oh, I’ll get to it eventually…” is not only the phrase I use most, but it could easily be the title of my autobiography. If you’re a geek like myself, you know just how hard it is to find time to check out all that amazing pop culture you’ve been missing out on. Not usually one to take stock in New Year resolutions, I decided to buckle down and give it a whirl; but with a geektastic spin. . .

You won’t find “lose weight,” “quit coffee” or any other proclamation on my list that will fade into obscurity within a matter of days; no ma’am. Instead what you’ll find are numerous forms of media/properties that I’ve yet to experience, ranging from books and comics to television and web series; and everything in between. Some of it has yet to be released while others are decades old, but that’s alright! Better late than never, and all that.

I feel the need to fill certain gaps in my ever-expanding geekness; like finally reading Douglas Adams’ Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (and see how the movie stacked up). I want to read Alan Moore’s comic work that doesn’t spotlight any Watchmen or the Joker’s photography hobby, so Saga of the Swamp Thing, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and V For Vendetta are all on my radar. I also want to visit another of Joss Whedon’s universes, and Firefly, Serenity and all the comic tie-ins are eagerly awaiting my arrival.

Speaking of comics (my bread and butter), I’ll be jumping into Geoff Johns’ epic Flash run, the current incarnation of Marvel’s Ultimate line as well as some other notables; like the critically acclaimed Locke & Key series and a sit-down with the good Doctor. Who? Exactly.

Books (Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Marvel Comics: The Untold Story), games (Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, The Last of Us), television (Supernatural, Battlestar Galactica), movies (Chronicle, The Hobbit), anime (Bleach, Death Note) and web series (Mortal Kombat: Legacy, Video Game High School) are all represented; and I’m only scratching the surface!

My one goal aside from all this, is to tell you about it in a spoiler-free manner and – hopefully – turn someone else onto something they may have missed the first time around. And if I may be so bold, this looks a lot more fun than any “learn Spanish” resolution.

2014 is going to be crazy. Buckle up.