The Flickcast - Episode 236: The Fortress of Ping Pong

The Flickcast – Episode 236: The Fortress of Ping Pong

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New Bat time! New Bat channel! Well, the same channel, actually. But yes, a new time (and day). That’s right, it’s another new episode of The Flickcast on its new day: Wednesday!

Fortunately, you’ll still get the same great show, just on a new day. So don’t worry. And yes, it’s still free.

This week Chris and Joe are back with a whole slew of new and recurring topics. Some of these topics include new casting for Superman vs. Batman (Lex Luthor!), the adaptation of Preacher for the small screen at AMC, John Scalzi’s Redshirts on its way to FX, The Walking Dead returns and whatever else they can think of to talk about.

That’s right, the ever-present more. And, 9% more sincerity this week. Sorry, that’s all we have. The move took a lot out of us.

This week’s picks include some awesome stuff. You’ll just have to listen to find out.

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