TV RECAP: ‘The Following’ Episode 206: ‘Fly Away’

TV RECAP: ‘The Following’ Episode 206: ‘Fly Away’

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This week on The Following Mark hears noises coming from Luke’s room, and finds Giselle dead in Luke’s bed. Luke is pretending that she’s alive, but it’s very obvious that Giselle is dead. Luke tells him that Hardy killed her.

Max is stitching up Hardy’s gunshot wound while Hardy calls Mike. He tells Mike that Lily has a whole family, and that he thinks they (including Joe) are nearby. Mike tells him he’s on the way, and takes off without telling anyone at the FBI. When Mike arrives by himself, he tells Hardy he thinks the FBI has been compromised, and that someone from the inside has been tipping off Joe.

Lily and Joe are still in bed, and Lily is telling Joe all about how they can take the whole family to Venezuela. She has her own plane, and a place on the beach, and it’s very tough to extradite from Venezuela. Joe tells Lily that there are always options. Lily is upset that he doesn’t want to just pick up everything and leave. One of the French girls comes in to tell Lily there is a problem.

Lily is very upset to find out that Hardy killed Giselle and one of the other family members.  She’s crying and freaking out, and seems to forget that they kill people all the time.  She is now convinced more than ever that they need to leave.  Joe can’t find out that Hardy is around, and when Luke tries to convince Lily to stay, she blames him for Giselle’s death.

As everyone is packing, Emma asks Mandy what is going on.  Mandy very calmly tells her to ask someone.  Mandy also tells Emma that Joe and Lily were together all night, and quite loud too.  Joe finds Emma in the art room and tells her of Lily’s plans to leave.  Lily has invited the three of them to go with her.  Joe confesses that he is a terrible author, and has much more to accomplish.  He has an epic plan, and tells Emma he doesn’t want to go to Venezuela.  Mandy is listening in to this conversation.

Luke has slipped away from the house to go back to the hotel where Hardy and Max were holding Giselle.  He attempts to attack a man in the lobby, but he himself is attacked by Mike.  The man Luke tried to attack was actually Hardy in disguise.  They throw Luke into their car.

Meanwhile, Mandy is telling Lily how excited to go on this trip.  She doesn’t know where Venezuela is and hasn’t even been on a plane before.  She asks Lily if she’s sure that Joe wants to go.  She then tells Lily she should talk to Joe.

Lily’s phone rings, and she answers thinking it’s Luke.  It’s actually Hardy.  He wants to trade Joe for Luke.  Lily says that she’ll be there.  He kept Lily on the phone long enough to trace her location.  Lily finally tells Joe that Hardy killed Giselle, and that he now has taken Luke hostage.  She explains that Hardy wants to trade Joe for Luke.  Joe tells her he’ll take care of it.

Lily has actually taken care of it already, having slipped a drug into Joe’s wine.  Joe passes out, and Lily instructs two of her “children” if Emma or Mandy give her any problems to kill them.  Emma is looking for Joe, and finds him in a random room in the house, knocked out.

Mike is hiding at the drop site in the woods.  Lily arrives with Mark, and emerges from the car with someone wearing a Joe mask.  It’s a random man that she kidnapped.  There is now a game of cat and mouse with Luke and the kidnapped man’s lives at stake.  Lily cuts the man, and Mike cuts Luke.  Eventually they give Lily Luke in exchange for the man.

While this is all going on, Emma and Mandy manage to wake Joe up, who kills the girl on watch.  He is now furious, and they make their way out of the house.  At the same time, Hardy, who never intended to be at the drop site, is now at Lily’s house.  He kills one of the “children” and discovers an empty house.

He looks out the window to see Joe, Emma, and Mandy getting into a car. Joe happens to look up at the right time and smiles at Hardy.  Hardy gets the dying girl to tell him where Lily is going.  She tells him about the airfield.  Hardy runs outside just as the car is pulling away.  Apparently Hardy’s heart is fine now, because he ran a lot and there was no tell-tale heart pounding heard anytime he moves like we had last season.

DNA from the house Hardy killed Giselle in leads the FBI to Luke’s fingerprints.  They send a team out to check things out.  Lily calls Joe and Emma and tells them where the airfield is.  Joe says they need to hurry and get there first.  It looks like Joe is going to leave Lily and the others behind.

Back at the drop site, Mike manages to shoot Luke, and Lily makes Mark drive away, assuming Luke is dead.  Luke is one tough fellow though, and attacks Mike.  Mike gets control of him and beats the holy hell out of him.  Beat him to death. Well, not exactly.  Apparently he isn’t dead, just badly maimed.  He ends up in the hospital but will survive.

Joe, Emma, and Mandy arrive at the airfield and Joe tells the pilot that the others won’t be able to make it.  Joe gets a phone call as they are getting on the plane.  Hardy arrives at the same time as the FBI, and they are all chasing the plane down the airfield.  The plane stops, and surprise!, no one is on it other than the pilot.  Joe ended up getting off the plane after he got the phone call.  Looks like our old friend Jana is at it again.

As Joe, Emma, and Mandy are driving on the back roads, Lily calls again.  She tells them that Luke is dead, and Joe is less than comforting.  He tells her he was never really fond of the boy.  Lily tried to control Joe, and now she is getting what deserves.  Lily is furious, telling Joe she gave up everything for him.  Joe tells her he is done with her, and she flips out.