The Story Behind 'Flappy Bird' from the Team at LORE

The Story Behind ‘Flappy Bird’ from the Team at LORE

Flappy Bird Lore

With over 200 videos, the team at LORE have helped fill in the blanks in stories of many games that would either take hours upon hours of gameplay, interpretation of in game events or a keen attention to detail and almost neurotic level of completionism to get to. Their two shows Lore In a Minute and Fast Facts have covered classic titles, new releases, franchises and even various developers and hardware manufacturers. These explorations are increasingly useful for titles that have a loose in game narrative with hordes of supplemental material like Team Fortress or Left 4 Dead to fill in the tons of backstory that most players wouldn’t take the time to research.

In some cases though, LORE just goes off and does whatever the heck they want since some games literally have no story other than move to the right. That’s where Flappy Bird LORE comes into play. With nothing but the idea of tapping a screen and the pipes of Flappy Bird, the LORE team came up with a whole mythos behind the now defunct and infamous title. It’s likely the creator will never tell his true inspiration behind the game and the 80,000,000 people who downloaded it will never hear its true intentions. But, LORE did a heck of a job hypothesizing on it.

Check out the video below for the LORE behind Flappy Bird and check out their YouTube channel for the LORE behind tons of top games.