Gear Review: Ink Whiskey Brings a Near Perfect Fusion of Gaming and Booze

Gear Review: Ink Whiskey Brings a Near Perfect Fusion of Gaming and Booze


Though it slipped under our radar for the Kickstarter Watch, the team over at Ink Whiskey were able to successfully crush a $12,000 goal on Kickstarter by reaching just shy of $40,000 to get their concealed gaming flask to market. Most of the clever flasks we’ve seen are usually hidden inside other objects, like the famous classic novel that when opened reveals all the pages have had a section cut out to fit the flask.

The team at Ink Whiskey decided to go for something else entirely by actually making a flask that looks identical to classic NES cartridges. As my flask sits on my desk, it takes a keen eye to actually pick up on something being askew. The plastic housing of the flask, especially from a distance, is indistinguishable from a classic NES cartridge.

Most people would glance over it unless they got to the label. Drunk Hunt with a duck crashing into a bottle or the Bar Hop Bros where a familiar looking plumber is jumping inside of a bar are two examples of the clever puns from the Ink Whiskey team. In their initial run, there are five total designs (and a sixth special edition if you include the gold Legend of Drink Kickstarter exclusive) but hopefully the series does well enough that they can do multiple series of this.

Now I will say there is one small design decision that keeps me from calling this the best flask ever. In initial prototype images, the flask was shown to have a traditional screw on top. While this did affect the overall esthetic  which is why it changed to the rubber topper that exists now, there is a reason why flasks have been designed the way they have been for so many years. So they can poor better. While it doesn’t break the value of this, it does get a little annoying when part of your booze, probably about a shot’s worth gets caught in the housing of the flask instead of easily pouring out for you.

That said, there certainly is no better combination of gaming and booze out there in the video game world. If you’re interested, make sure to head to and put in an order ASAP since the Bar Hop Bros. has already sold out which means others are probably pretty close behind. For $20 for a well disguised and incredibly nerdy flask, it’s hard to go wrong with this one.