The Flickcast Episode 244: And Justice (League) For All

The Flickcast Episode 244: And Justice (League) For All


Today is Wednesday so that means we’ve got a brand new episode of The Flickcast for you to enjoy. And like always, it’s a pretty darn good one.

On this week’s show Chris and Joe take on some new topics and revisit old ones — as you might expect. Some of these topics include the “sequel” to the classic Sword & the Sorcerer, Star Wars Episode VII casting rumors and what is now considered “canon”for the series, George Lucas himself, Justice League and Man of Steel 2 casting and potential storylines, the nature of the movie business and a whole lot more. As usual, you can’t handle all the more!

This week’s picks include Chris’ pick of the Lightroom app from Adobe and Joe’s pick of the ComiXology app for Android.

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