Op-Ed: 'People Are Finally Over Comic-Con'

Op-Ed: ‘People Are Finally Over Comic-Con’


Working in both the entertainment industry and in YouTube, you’re bound to hear a lot of silly things said. “There’s no way people would want to watch someone else play video games.” “She looked like she had to be 18, right?” “He can’t wait to put me in his next feature.” But there’s one statement that you hear and you just know people are full of it.

When prepping for SDCC this year, I was asking a bunch of friends from various social circles who was heading to Comic Con and there was a common thread from those who weren’t going. They all used the phrase, “I think everyone is over Comic Con.”

Now I can see where this statement might be coming from. One could argue that year after year San Diego Comic Con can start to wear you a little thin by the end of it. No sleep, bad diet and abundance of partying can kick your butt. But when you look back a month later after recovering from the nerd flu you inevitably were stricken with a few days after it ended, you’re up and ready to rock once again.

But this year, there seem to be people claiming that “everyone” is over the Con.  And this is where I call them out on it.

Just because you are over the Con doesn’t mean everyone is. If everyone was over SDCC, it would not have been the hardest year ever to acquire tickets and hotel rooms. Members of our own staff here at the Flickcast missed out this year because they didn’t renew their passes properly. The lottery for new ticket holders was as risky as the Hunger Games. And the exclusives on the floor this year are even better than last year so the age old tradition of lines will be in its fullest effect for preview night.

But the whole point of this isn’t to call them out and give them a hard time. It is to tell them it is okay. It isn’t a badge of shame that you need to take a break from Comic Con once every few years. It doesn’t kill your geek cred. It doesn’t make you lame for being exhausted from the 5 days of non-stop fanboys, booze and sleepless nights. If anything it makes you more human.

Just don’t roll the rest of us up as being over it along with you.