TV RECAP: ‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ Episode 204: ‘I Will Face My Enemy’

TV RECAP: ‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ Episode 204: ‘I Will Face My Enemy’


Before I go into the recap of this episode, I just wanted to provide an update on The Flash. I tried watching the second episode and couldn’t get two minutes into it. So I won’t be doing recaps for the show as I had originally planned. I never imagined that I wouldn’t like it. But not every show can work for every person. On the flip side, I am really enjoying Gotham, which I didn’t think would be that good. So the world gives and the world takes I guess.

Back to the world of Marvel. This week we are in Miami, where a local priest calls in a group of bishops to show them a miracle. Their church burned down, but one painting in the church survived without a scrape. It also as some weird alien drawings on the back of it.

Of course this of great importance to Coulson and May, so they setup and elaborate ruse to get the team to work with him to help get that painting. Coulson and May attend a fancy party hosted by the man in possession of the painting.

At the party, they see General Talbot. Coulson talks to him, figuring his cover is already blown. He gets Talbot to agree to not get involved. Later, General Talbot is seen talking to Whitehall on the phone about Coulson’s interest in the painting.

May flirts with the host of the party, having Coulson take a picture of them so they can get a retinal scan of his eyes. Coulson sees Talbot talking to a security guard, and he knows their cover is blown. He and May hurry down to the basement and use the retinal scan to get into a locked room. They can’t find the painting, though. It turns out Talbot seized it as evidence two days earlier.

Coulson and May escape, and are met by Talbot out in the street. He offers to let Coulson study the painting at a secure military facility. Coulson finds it odd, but agrees. He then sends May to check it out. When May arrives, she is attacked by Talbot. May fights him off, ripping off his face, revealing that it wasn’t actually Talbot. It was Bakshi wearing some kind of tech mask that allowed him to look and sound just like Talbot.

May has been captured, and agent 33 uses a new mask to become May. She meets back up with Coulson and tells him the deal is legit. They talk about the contingency plan Coulson has where he wants May to kill him if he starts to lose control. “May” agrees to do what is necessary. Coulson asks if she wants to get that cup of coffee after this is all over. She says she would love to, and Coulson punches her. The real May doesn’t like coffee.

“May” had planted a device on the jet that set it into self-destruct mode. Fitz jumps into action to help save it from blowing up, along with everyone else on board. He uses Hunter as his hands to reset the plane in the nick of time. It’s the first time Fitz has felt useful since his accident.

We then got an amazing May vs May fight sequence, while Coulson goes after Bakshi, who has the painting. Coulson neutralizes Bakshi and recovers the painting. The real May finally gets the upper hand on herself, so to speak.

Fitz is feeling very left out and unappreciated. “Simmons” is trying to make him feel better, but to no avail. Hunter got some beer to thank Fitz for saving them. Fitz reluctantly joins them, and almost immediately tells a story of a girl he liked that didn’t like him so she left. The others are a bit puzzled by this random admission, but Hunter tells him it’s time they all moved on.

Research into the painting shows that the painting itself is over 500 years old, but the alien carvings on the back are new. This means there is someone else like Coulson out there. Coulson broaches the subject of the contingency plan again with May. She tells him she will never shoot him in the head.

She already has her own plan. She will get him out to a cabin in Australia. Coulson appreciates her compassion, but orders her to kill him when the time is right and forget her plan. He says that hard choices are coming, and he needs her to make this one for him.

Whitehall and some of his men corner Raina in her car. He wants the obelisk back, and gives her 48 hours to provide it. He promises he can find her wherever she is, and she will comply.