TV RECAP: ‘Arrow’ Episode 302: ‘Sara’

TV RECAP: ‘Arrow’ Episode 302: ‘Sara’

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Laurel brings Sara’s body to Oliver’s hideout. The others walk in to see Sara dead. Oliver is the only one who seems to be holding back his emotions.

Oliver promises Laurel that he’ll find Sara’s killer, and Laurel offers/demands to help. Oliver won’t let her, telling her to take care of her family. Laurel decides to hold off on telling Quentin, as she fears the news may kill him.

Oliver goes to the spot where Sara was killed to try and find some clues. Diggle shows up to let him know he has his back. Felicity calls them to let them know Quentin has called for the Arrow. When Oliver shows up, Quentin informs him of a fake archer that is murdering people in town. Quentin has no idea that his own daughter is one of the victims.

Felicity confronts Ray, who keeps trying to woo her to work for him. He even bought the company that owns the tech store she works at. With his statement that she’ll either work for him at Queen Consolidated or at the tech store, Felicity quits.

Based on some details Oliver strong-armed out of a drug dealer, the team is able to determine that the fake Arrow is a man named Simon Lacroix, AKA Kimodo. They hack Lacroix’s phone and are able to determine his location. Oliver heads there and chases Lacroix away on his motorcycle.

Lacroix tries to kill another man, but Oliver stops him, but not before taking an arrow from Lacroix. Laurel is pissed that Lacroix got away. When Oliver returns he tells Felicity that he doesn’t have the luxury to have feelings right now. If he grieves than no one else gets to. Seeing Sara reminded him of his own mortality. Felicity ask Oliver if he’s just going to hide down there and wait to die.

Laurel visits the surviving victim in the hospital and beats him to get information out of him. Before he can say any more, he is killed by Komodo via an arrow through the hospital window. Laurel does find out that the three male victims were all involved in some kind of oil deal.

Oliver has been trying to contact Thea for days, with no response. Roy finally shows him the letter that Thea wrote him saying she is never coming back. Roy was convinced it was his fault, and that’s why he didn’t tell Oliver sooner.

Now that they have sort of a lead into Lacroix’s murders, Felicity is able to trace payments made to the three male victims back to Tom Weston. They figure that he is the next target, and it turns out he will be attending Roy Palmer’s party at Queen Consolidated.

Laurel demands to go with Oliver to try and catch Lacroix. Oliver promises he will catch him, and Laurel yells at him saying that he couldn’t last time.

Oliver and Roy get to the party just as Lacroix has found Weston. They tag team him and Lacroix takes off. Oliver chases after him and they fight. Oliver manages to hurt Lacroix, and that’s when Laurel shows up with Oliver’s gun. They debate the ethics of her killing Lacroix for killing Sara. Lacroix says he didn’t kill Sara, and he wouldn’t be shy about taking credit for it. Laurel pulls the trigger and nothing happens. Oliver took the bullets of out the gun.

Laurel is upset about almost killing Lacroix, and Oliver comforts her by saying that she didn’t. He seems to forget that she pulled the trigger, he just happened to have removed the bullets. Oliver tells Laurel that he will find Sara’s killer, but he doesn’t know when. But Quentin deserves to know that Sara is dead.

Laurel goes to tell Quentin, but she can’t do it. Instead, she apologizes to him for throwing his name around in order to get into the victim’s hospital room. The team has a secret burial for Sara, burying her in the grave that is already there from when they thought she died the first time. Laurel is upset that Sara isn’t getting a fresh grave. But Oliver says it’s more important that she gets a proper burial. Diggle tells Laurel that he and Lyla will be naming the baby Sara.

Diggle informs Oliver that he is going to come back to the team until they find Sara’s killer. Oliver doesn’t want him to, but Sara was family to Diggle, so he’s not taking no for an answer. Oliver wants to go find Thea. It turns out she is in Corto Maltese, training with Malcolm. She is turning into quite the fighter. Felicity, having left the hideout wanting more out of life, decides to come work for Roy at Queen Consolidated after all.

The flashbacks this week focus around Waller trying to test Oliver. He is given an instruction to take out a target. The target turns out to be Tommy Merlyn. He is in Hong Kong trying to find Oliver. Oliver had tried to login to email to let his family know he was alive. Tommy received a notification that someone tried to use Oliver’s email, so he figured Oliver was alive.

Tommy is a loose end that Waller needs taken care of. Oliver and Maseo come up with a plan to get rid of Tommy without killing him. Oliver kidnaps Tommy, and makes him think that the email notification was a ploy to get Tommy there so they could hold him for ransom. Maseo runs in pretending to be a Hong Kong police officer, and helps Tommy escape from the “kidnapper”.