Field Trip: Anime Expo 2015

Field Trip: Anime Expo 2015

Anime Expo

The Con Season has officially begun! E3 is already in the bag and this past weekend JC ventured to the halls of Anime Expo all by himself. Not being the biggest anime fan, outside of Attack on Titan or Neon Genesis: Evangelion, JC doesn’t know much about what lies within the walls of AX 2015.

Luckily for JC, he isn’t alone as he found his friends from Mega64 to help him on his journey. Rocco, a man of few words, lets pictures explain his feelings of the event and Garrett explains the majesty of fur suiters. In addition, Spry Cooper of OGeeku shows up too but adds even more confusion.

You can check out the full video below and see more JC and his cohort WallE on the Whiskey & Waffles YouTube channel and right here at The Flickcast!

Stay tuned next week for our SDCC 2015 Coverage!