'Another Comic Shop Show' Tackles Some of the Biggest Geek Debates

‘Another Comic Shop Show’ Tackles Some of the Biggest Geek Debates

Another Comic Shop Show

What characters were rip-offs of others? Are comics and pro wrestling actually tied together? Is the story from the comic better than the story in the movie? Just what the heck was happening in comics in the 90’s?

These are some questions any reasonable human being who contributes a portion of their weekly salary to the funny books may ask. The Flickcast alumni Jonathan ‘Wally’ Weilbaecher and I join forces with Golden Apple Comics in Los Angeles to answer these and more.

With regulars Joe Slepski of The Joe on Joe podcast, Pablo Romero-Estevez and Alan ‘Sizzler’ Kistler of Crazy Sexy Geeks and some guests like Lucha Underground’s Joey Ryan and The Flickcast co-founder Matt Raub, we haven’t come to many conclusions but we have had a ton of fun arguing our way there.

Very few things have become apparent since we started. There are two, three or even four sides to every story and the truth lies somewhere in the middle but who knows if we will ever find out. Also, Wally has some demons he needs to overcome, most notably kleptomania.

The first six months of this series have been some of the most fun we have had since starting Whiskey & Waffles and we can’t wait to do more for the audience. If you have any thoughts on any of the argu… discussions, make sure to leave them in the comments or if you have any ideas for topics you’d like to see in future episodes let us know!

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Wrestling in Comics

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