516. Gravity Sucks

516. Gravity Sucks

gravity sucks

That’s right. Once again it’s time for a brand new episode of The Flickcast. The podcast about stuff nerds love. This week it’s Episode 516: Gravity Sucks.

This week on the show the boys dive deep into several new and recurring topics. Some of these include The Last of Us, the Willow series on Disney+ and a lot more. There’s also another installment of the new “The things that made us” segment.

Again, we know that’s already taken, but it’s just so appropriate so . . . anyway. This week it’s the Disney classic The Black Hole. Yep, that one. Enjoy

And no, we’re not endorsed or supported by Disney. Even if it seems like the boys are talking a lot about Disney properties this week. But they are willing to learn.

Picks this week include Chris’ pick of all the amazing AirTags from Apple and Joe’s pick of the Pro Series 34 from Traeger. Yep, he picked a smoker/grill. We are turning into a cooking podcast. Oh well, nerds gotta eat.

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