Is This 'The End' For Wolverine?

Is This ‘The End’ For Wolverine?

the-end-wolverine-smallMarvel has released a rather confusing image of a Terminator-esque Wolverine along with the criptic message “The End.” Of course, that alone has to fuel speculation as to what this message and image mean exactly. Could it be that Wolverine will finally succumb to some sort of damage or attack even he can’t regenerate from? Or, is it something else entirely?

Marvel is already doing three different stories featuring the future of Wolverine. In case you’re not familiar, they are Wolverine: Old Man Logan, Wolverine: The End and X-Men: The End. This image and message seems to suggest they may be bringing a fourth story to the table that may definitively establish the fate of one of their most popular characters.

Of course, even if it does end up meaning the death of Wolverine, that really doesn’t have to be the end, does it? Its not like characters in comics really stay dead forever these days.

Be sure to check out the much larger promo pic after the break.


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    August 6, 2011 at 9:03 pm

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