Fan Film Friday: Every Week on Entourage

entourageThere are plenty of decent shows on HBO lately, from southern vampires to man-whores to polygamy, but one show in particular that has tons of potential, but keeps coming up short is the semi-biographical tale of Marky Mark Whalberg, Entourage.

Unfortunately, the show has a great premise, but comes up short when looking at it from the standpoint of character development or plot conflict. Our friends over at College Humor feel the exact same way, and illustrate it in this week’s Fan Film Friday.

For those who are unaware or don’t get the premium channels on their monthly cable bill, Entourage follows actor Vincent Chase and his group of childhood friends from Queens as they constantly fail upwards in Hollywood.

The show ends up becoming more about the supporting cast than the focal character, but I suppose that is explained in the name. Check out the video after the jump, which also stars new SNL cast member Bobby Moynihan and almost Vincent D’Onofrio.

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