Liam Neeson's 'The Other Man' Looks Familiar

Liam Neeson’s ‘The Other Man’ Looks Familiar

14174For those unaware, Liam Neeson is probably best known, at least lately, for having “a particular set of skills.” Skills he used in his recent film Taken to track down his missing daughter, take down a European human trafficking ring, drive completely through a house in an Audi, and outrun a boat…on foot. In Neeson’s newest film, The Other Man, he seems to be going back to a familiar place when he finds out that his wife, played by Laura Linney, is cheating on him with Antonio Banderas.

There has been talk of a sequel to Taken, and Neeson’s performance was highly celebrated, which wasn’t clear until we saw clips from this newest film. Could this be a new, dark place that Liam Neeson will be residing in, leaving behind roles like Qui-Gon Jin?

Granted, Neeson’s accent is different, but it’s pretty clear that he is playing the same, boat-chasing character from Taken here. There is a scene towards the end of the trailer (which you can see after the jump) where Banderas and Neeson face off in an intense game of Chess. Another one of the Irish actor’s skills? Perhaps.

Take a look at the trailer, and see for yourself. The Other Man hits theaters nationwide this Friday.

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