Official Posters for 'The Road' and 'Youth In Revolt' Released

Official Posters for ‘The Road’ and ‘Youth In Revolt’ Released

TheRoad_1Sheet[2]We got quite a bit of different stuff sent to us here at The Flickcast. Some of it is pretty cool like trailers for upcoming movies, game videos, comics previews and things of that nature. We also get a lot of movie poster art sent to us and some of it is also pretty cool. Case in point are the two new “official’ posters for The Road and Youth in Revolt.

Both poster feature what so many do these days, large pictures of the principal actors and a clever or meaningful tag line. Also, both are different than previous posters that have been released for these films. In addition, on the poster for The Road, Mortensen is clearly holding a gun so you don’t think this is just a movie about people talking and, curiously, the names of the writer and director appear again in larger print at the bottom of the poster so they are clearly visible. This is, of course, an obvious attempt to make sure that people know who they are — particularly those who nominated and vote on the Oscars.

The Youth in Revolt Poster, at least to me, reminds me of the poster for Stanley Kubrick’s film Lolita, which I’ve included after the jump for comparison. I’m not sure what the marketing department at Dimension/Weinstein was trying to go for, but obviously some of them are Kubrick fans.

We’ve talked about these two films here before and you can expect a review of each of these films closer to their release dates. Until then, be sure to check out the larger versions of both posters after the jump. The Road opens on November 25th and Youth In Revolt opens on January 8th, 2010.