Meet the Cast and Creators of 'Parenthood'

Meet the Cast and Creators of ‘Parenthood’

Parenthood, which is based loosely on the Steve Martin comedies from a few years ago, is a new the new series from Brian Grazer and Ron Howard covering the ins and out and trials and tribulations of modern parenting. We’ve brought you some info on the show previously and now we’ve got even more info to bring you this time around about the show, its cast and creators.

In this series of nine video clips videos you get to know the main characters of the upcoming comedy. These clips showcase some footage from the series itself and interviews with the actors as they talk about their roles on the show. And, as a bonus, creators Ron Howard and Brian Grazer discuss the inspiration for the show which came from their real life parenting experiences.

With a cast that includes Peter Krause, Monica Potter, Lauren Graham, Erika Christensen, Dax Shepherd, Bonnie Bedelia and Craig T. Nelson, the show looks to have all the requisite acting power necessary. Combine that with creators/producers Ron Howard and Brian Grazer and it seems to have a great mixture for success. Let’s hope the show lives up to its potential.

Catch the premiere of Parenthood on Tuesday, March 2 at 10/9C on NBC. Check out all the videos after the break.

Inside Amber
Mae Whitman explains that Amber Braverman is equal parts rebellious teen and best friend to her mom.

Inside Camille
Bonnie Bedilia (Camille) loves playing a character drawn so honestly from real life.

Inside Crosby
Dax Shepard (Crosby) reveals the roots of his character–and his take on the rest of the cast.

Inside Julia
Erika Christensen (Julia) explains that the core of the Braverman family is love and sometimes brutal honesty.

Inside Kristina
Monica Potter (Kristina) says the show works because it mirrors how real family life is a messy mix of the sweet and the bitter.

Inside Sarah
Lauren Graham loves exploring the challenges Sarah faces–and the disruption she brings to her extended family.

Inside Zeek
Craig T. Nelson (Zeek) knows first-hand that his character reflects today’s real-world dads.

Inside Adam
Peter Krause (Adam) explains that what makes Parenthood so powerful is that it rings so true.

Ron Howard and Brian Grazer
The series creators explain the show’s strength comes from being able to tell real-life stories from week to week.