'Defendor' Gets An Official Trailer and DVD Release

‘Defendor’ Gets An Official Trailer and DVD Release

Back in September, we brought you word of an indie superhero flick out of Canada making some waves at the Toronto Film Festival. It looks like the film has now grown in popularity and moved South, as it’s getting an official DVD release with Sony Pictures, and a limited theatrical run as well.

The film stars Woody Harrelson as a mentally disturbed man named Arthur Poppington who decides to take justice back in his city and fight crime as the masked avenger, The Defendor. The film also stars Kat Dennings, Sandra Oh, and Elias Koteas, which rounds out the cast to a pretty decent level.

Either way, Harrelson’s performance has gotten rave reviews, and will be hitting New York and Los Angeles in a few months to coincide with it’s April 13th release date on DVD.

The studio amped up the marketing with a new trailer, which you can check out after the jump, thanks to our pals at Trailer Addict.

  • Christi Johnson
    February 16, 2010 at 11:28 am

    can’t wait for this one. harrelson is the man!